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29 Aprile 2005 Postato da: Marco Lovera
WordWorth 7 English

During the last times the word processor scene on Amiga is dominated from two eccellent rivals that challenge with new version. Who takes advantages from this challenge are users that will see the improvement of the word processor quality since to the other programs of the different platforms. Infact Word Worth (WW) and Final Writer (FW) are at the level of more others. In this section we review the first that is allready at the 7th version.


WW is CD supplied and you can't lounch it from CD because is all in LHA format so you must install on harddisk. On CD you find three different languages: english, french and german. After your language selection you can use installer. At this point I've got a big surprise infact the LHEX command present on CD doesn't run with 68060 of my Cyberstorm so installation ending without nothing installed. I copied the CD directory contains the program ad so I replace command supplied from Digita with a functionable version, after I relounched the installer and all operated normal. But, when I thought that had risolved the installer problem, it stoped without

Immagine Immagine

asking for the printer driver. After some attempts I discovered that there was another installer command that was incompatible with my 68060 (Did you want the "bike"? Now pedal!!! N.o.Sandra). Fortunately I discovered that all program is almost installed so I play a program in WWTools that manage the font installation. Now I see WW. About printer driver note that they are usual so if you jump on the driver installer all running too. I notice that, for the best word processor for Amiga, this is a trouble. I want to explain that I tried installation an Amiga 1200 with 68030 and all is ok.


WW hasn't a paper manual, all you need is supplied on Amiga Guide format and you can recall it from the Help menù in the program. This select is, probably, for a cheaper version without unuseful paper waste. If the paper manual is more welcome there are so many society that supplied manual on CD. In complex all kind of commands are complitely explained so I think you haven't ploblems after guide reading.


Now click on the icon and lounch the program. Allready note that the toolbar will be improved in graphix ad organization. All functions are placed in different menù and some of it are in the toolbar. This lastone is too much configurable. The only flaw of this configuration is that you

Immagine Immagine

can't insert different paint so you are limited with its own paint. Between the diferent tools you note the added functions to create: stars, arrows an baloons. Like the precedent version we can create particular effects on the text: twirl words with its shadow, text arch that changing color from the first character to the lastone or make smaller text and other. Notice that this kind of effects slow down the printing time so if you create the precedent arch it will occuped 30 minutes of printing. About table we note that WW has some problems. If you recall a Turbocalc file you can't change the cell color or border. In this aspect FW is more complete. A beautyful new is for the image: you can insert an image and after write on it to create a personalized letter. Now talk about "text frames" that are squares where we can write indipendent from the other text.

They will reappraise and place where you want. Useful to create notes or boxes to image comments. We still note that this "text frames" will put beside to simplefy the creation of colouns like a newspaper. Always in the object menù we note a function that permit to align all objects selected. In the tool menù you find operation of automatic spelling control that permit to mistake prove when you are typing. Unfortunately the test version has only the english vocabolary so I leave to my sister any comment about this function. About the autocurrect you note that you can create shorcuts that, recalled, are replaced with the word you assign them. In reference to what my brother said before, I want to explain that, with the english vocabolary, WW always prove every word like a mistake if you write in a different language. So it's an unuseful function for italian user, for example.

IMMAGINE DALLA VERSIONE ITALIANA Suitable is the function of library creating with sentences or word recallable in every moment. The lastone confort of this new is represented by a certain menù that appear when you click right mouse button and permit to make other operations in WW. For example, you should note this function when you click on the toolbar or when you click on a selection of your work. Especially when you click on an object appear a window where you can change its parameters. Now let's make doleful notes: in my opinion in this program there is always a costant from the old version and I refer to printing engine.

WW show many problems in printing especially if you use special effect (twirl, arch) in your work. For example: on my Amiga 4000 with 060 and Epson Stylus color 500 when I made a arch effect with color variation, shadows and 1/3 of sheet size ot the higher quality (720x720 dpi) it spent an half of hour with 30-50 seconds delay in each printing raw. To make a comparison: Turboprint use the same time to print two images in full sheet size. In reference to this printing program I noted that when it's in background the printing quality was better but speed was the same. Don't use Turbospooler because speed crash down.


WW left me so much perplexed. First of all the installation problems, after I noticed the right operating and good functionality but, at the end, I discovered no printing improvement. Especially this lastone fault clashes with the final result of a word processor that is creating and printing documents with high quality. I understand that nowaday the printing drivers are more less but I think that Digita should create thems or use a function that support Turboprint or similar programs. Also I think that the printing engine must be velocised because it's too slow in comparison with its rival FW. In the complex WW is so much cared and note that italian vocabolary is disponible.


Amiga 4000 with Cyberstorm MK III 68060 50MHz and Cybervision 64 3D. 16MBRam - hd 1.7 Gb -
CD-ROm 8x

Special thanks to NomSoloSoft for the test copy

Marco Lovera
English version Sandra Lovera


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